Frustrated with motion detection

Motion detection seems to work when it wants to? I get tons of false positives which is fine but when I clearly miss a recording because motion detection didn’t trigger that is unacceptable. Sometimes I get alerts and recordings for the neighbors lawn service guys at 100+ ft away from my camera but this morning my wife walked within 10ft of the camera(by my garage door looking down the driveway) down the driveway and took my truck(BIG F250). No problem with that except for the fact that it wasn’t recorded which is disturbing. There is a false positive recording 10 minutes after that showing my truck gone. WTH? On a different camera(side yard) about a week ago we had a 120 gallon propane tank delivered and dropped in the side yard and motion was not triggered for that camera but Driveway camera motion was triggered by the delivery truck out on the road and show the driver unloading the tank at the street and coming up the driveway and through the yard with it. The side yard camera also gets tons of false positives like I said is not an issue but when it doesn’t capture motion that counts it’s a problem. I’m specifically concerned about it not “recording” motion when there clearly was motion. Both of these cameras were the outdoor 1080 Yi cameras that I just bought about a month ago and updated the firmware on when setting them up.

Hello take a look at this Kami article for advice on the optimal airing of the camera

It would be good if you could create a diagram which shows the camera location and the movement of objects / people and indicate where it is working and not

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Hey @B0b How are you? Just wanted to check in to see if any camera placement suggestions helped improve your motion detection settings?

We hope all is well. Keep us posted and let me know if you have any other feedback.

First picture is from the evening before the described incident of the wife taking my truck and the only recording before she took it which shows my truck in the driveway. My wife walked out between the boat and Camry(which should have easily triggered the motion sensor) down the driveway and got in the truck and left. The next picture is from the next recording the next morning from that same camera about 15 minutes after she left.

The last 3 screenshots show the side yard of the propane tank that was not there in one recording and there in the next less than 10 minutes later but never showed the delivery guy opening the gate and setting it there and I included a screenshot of the delivery guy from the driveway camera which captured what I think was all the motion of his truck pulling up, him coming to our front door, unloading the tank, etc… everything that time. The pictures help tell the story here. Sorry for all the separate posts but the forum will only allow me one image per post because I’m a rookie here.

me too , I have raised this topic on the forum but so far do not see my post .
My issue is like this:

The motion detection does not seem to pick up big movements.
Pl. see that attached file. My wife and son left from this place in their car at 0545 hrs and there is no alert neither any cloud signal for this.( I have the standard cloud plan)
all i see is a lot of flase positives from 0822 onwards( alerts & clouds)
my motion detection setting = always
security = medium
a car + 2 grown ups were not captured as alerts at kind of point blank range/region , this is giving me some concerns

it seems the camera is also sleeping during the wee hours ?

Hello. How do the objects move on the image shown?

For further advice take a look at

If they cut across the image from left to right (rather than up and down) then there could be a bigger issue.

Also did it ever work on that position ?

Thx. for getting back. as per the article I am doing all right :slight_smile:
-cameras is mounted 8 to 10 feet from the ground
-enough light to maintain monitoring during the night (my porch is lighted the whole night)

on your question : <How do the objects move on the image shown?>
you must have seen the attached file I sent. the car moves horizontally back to the main road , and the people come out of the garage (left) to the parked car
This is where the car in question is:
but the camera picks up the black passing car behind very promptly.
But this small white car (red arrow) moved out of the picture & nothing was recorded.(as if the camera is sleeping during the wee hours)

Finally , you asked : <Also did it ever work on that position ?>
Yes it did , it picks up people moving near the car and our front door :

and this is the position of the front door camera :

so what could be going on here ?

That in theory should work. Have you tried testing it. By walking in front. The only thing is the camera looks rather ‘flat’ to the white Hyundai in that image supplied.

I always recommend having some downward angle on the camera so it’s like pointing down rather than flattish

i did & swayed my hands. i could see myself live , but yes…it does not come up as an ‘alert’, & neither on the cloud. i guess that is it …these 'big ’ moves are no moves for the camera ! , but all happening on the road behind is . hmmm scary.

Hey @Radaway Thanks for all the super helpful feedback. I am going to send you a direct message to grab a little more info. You might be able to help us out a little and hopefully in turn, make your motion detection more accurate.

Thanks for your patience. Please check your forum inbox for a quick message from me :slight_smile:

I’m assuming the gate is a blind spot in the motion detection for my side yard camera because it didn’t trigger any recording of my son bringing the mower through. Here is a screenshot of a false positive right before he went through the gate and I’ll post a screenshot of the very next recording of him already through the gate mowing the grass. Why doesn’t it catch him opening the gate and coming through it?

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Hi B0b

I have send some similiar(or even exact) issues to steven in form of video clips that I recorded where there was (big) motion but none was detected. Steven will hopefully liase these clips with his AI team and hopefully we will get a better update on the cameras( specially their motion detection capability and a proper algo). If possible try to send some of your own clips to steven- that way these guys would have more sample data to work with and I think we should be in Good hands here .( I would request others too browsing this post to chip in with their near-missed situations …the more data the more better the algo gets)

Hey @B0b Thanks for sharing this clips. I am going to send you a direct message so we can take a look at these clips in-house and run some models to improve the overall accuracy. <br.>
Check your forum inbox for a quick message from me with my email address.

Thank you @Radaway :slight_smile: I have sent your clips to our Product Management team today. I will have more info for you tomorrow.

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I wanted a high angle so I placed a Kami-mini in an upstairs bedroom window looking down on my front yard. This eliminates street background and light interference.

I set an activity zone just covering my drive/walkway and a small portion of the street.

When I add a doorbell camera i’ll have all the coverage i need.

Which brings up a question:
I assume the doorbell camera is live all the time and not activated by pushing the doorbell? I suspect my six seconds of recording will cut out just as the delivery guy runs off with my package.

What’s the rationale behind 6 seconds? Could it no be 10 or 15 seconds?

I delete all my alerts other than deliveries or wildlife so storage isn’t a problem.

I kinda went off topic a bit there. Sorry.

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@CamKam It’s all good! Still related to motion detection :slight_smile:

6-seconds is our standard clip length across all our cameras. Are you a cloud subscriber?