** FIXED ** | SD Card Recording Fail | Yi Home, 1080, Exterior & dome cameras - **WORKING AGAIN**


All my SD cards (9 of them) were not able to record.

I purchased a 5 pack of these SD micro cards on Amazon

Gigastone 16GB 5-Pack Micro SD Card, Camera Plus 90MB/s, Full HD Video, U1 C10 Class 10 Micro SDHC UHS-I Memory Card with MicroSD to SD Adapter

And all my cameras record and play back a timeline ! PHEW !

I feel like I need to update my terrible Amazon and Google play reviews of YiHome cam now.

FOLKS !!! SPEND $6 and get your SD cards and BAM ! Problem SOLVED !

PS - Don’t use the KAMI app, it won’t allow for SD playback !

PS 2 - The new new home 1080 cam looks way better and sharper than the previous generation (2-3 years old)

Very pleasing to read this @Yannis. I do believe also the application update recently helped to improve the issue when attempting recording to SD card. But also good to refresh the SD cards they don’t last forever and less so when in use all the time with continuous recording.

In my humble opinion the cards should really have a read /write script that executes weekly to verify the SD cards.
As it stands, all my cards were “In Good condition” but 7/9 cards did not actually record video so it was a tough troubleshooting process…
Took me a year off and on to realize what was happening.

The SD Card Status in the app is not working obviously, and that would help out hundreds of people

Thanks for the feedback @Yannis You’ve been incredibly helpful to the community!