Faulty IR lights?


I bought some cameras in February but only just got round to setting them up.

One camera is fine but the other camera seems to be switching the brightness of the IR lights every 3.5 seconds. This isn’t a major problem in itself but when the brightness changes the motion detection is triggered and a notification is sent.

Is this a faulty camera or is there something that could cause this to happen? It’s as if there’s 3 settings of IR level… Low medium high… Additionally, I’m fairly confident it’s the IR level changing as the other camera was picking up the changes in a small section of its view.




@danielz000 I apologize for this issue with your camera. Just to confirm, are you saying the physical brightness of the IR lights are changing from the camera or the brightness when viewing the camera in the app? Are you seeing this occur during the day, night or both? What camera model do you have? Is the firmware for the camera up to date in the app? Please let me know.

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Hi Patrick

It seems to be the brightness of the IR lights adjusting every 3.5 seconds. I can see this occurring when viewing on the app (I can’t see IR with my naked eye).

I’m certain it’s the IR lights on the camera changing brightness as the second camera (in the living room) can also see these changes in brightness if I leave the door to the hallway open.

The firmware is up to date (, the camera is a standard 1080 indoors camera (with no dome/pan feature). They were bought in a twin pack together.



Is there another light source in the room? I’ve found that if there is a second light source in the room it can trigger the ir, usually with a click, it will get really bright and dull down again. Removing the second light source stops the problem.

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Hi Brian,

There’s no other light sources in the hallway, it’s extremely dark. Occasionally there’s a little bit of light from passing cars but I don’t imagine this would be the issue, especially as the brightness adjusts every 3.5 seconds without fail and regardless of if cars have passed or not.

With that said, I guess i’ll try and cover the glass just to be sure.

Would I be right to assume the lights have 3 levels of IR brightness? If so, what would the trigger be for these lights to adjust their brightness? Is it possible to fix the brightness so that it doesn’t change?



If it were me I would move the camera to one of the other locations or as you said, cover it.

The IR lights aren’t adjustable that I’m aware of, but I know on the outdoor cameras you can turn off the IR completely- which I’ve had for do with a camera that has an issue.

At least if the camera is causing the same issue in the other location and vice versa with the forget camera you will know it’s a problem with that camera as opposed to the e environment

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Hey @danielz000 if you put the camera that is working normally in the same location does the same thing happen?

I have the same issue. No movement in room, no change of light in room, but the camera constantly changes brightness. Room is nearly pitch black. Watching playback is exceedingly annoying as the changes in brightness are constant.

Hi all,

So I swapped the problem camera with the camera I know was working and the same issue occurred.

I guess this means all of the cameras have the same hardware or software issue…

There’s nothing remarkable about the area it’s in but obviously the camera isn’t happy. I’ve tried moving the camera away from surfaces but the problem remains.

I’ll try uploading a video of the issue in case anyone can offer any advice but I think the best solution would be if someone could tell me if there’s any way of fixing the brightness of the IR lights when they’re on?

Any of the 3 levels would be fine. Maybe there’s a way to have them permanently on even during the day?



Here’s the video

IR brightness causing motion detection

You have never said why version or model of camera you have. But looking at my set up there doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust the intensity of the IR lights. Also it would appear that the only way for them to activate is via YI/Kami hardware activating it when it believes the ambient light levels dictates.

Although they can be switched on and off.

Look I’m at your video there is a lot of reflection from the uPVC door and also there are lights that appear through the glass door - this would activate a motion alert.

Do you have the status light turned on? Why I would think is if this is on turn it off.

I have two different YI Home 3 cameras pointing to two external doors and don’t experience what you appear to be. I have the IR activated and the status lights off.

My doors are wooden though. So it could be reflection from your door but that is only my assumption based on what I can see in your video.


Camera and firmware versions are above.

I’ve tried pointing it away from the door and the problem remains. It’s as if it’s an issue with the walls or the paint…

The lights outside are cars passing. The motion sensor triggers even when there’s no cars. Additionally the camera records almost constantly even thought it’s set to only record on motion.

Would some sort of semi transparent cover over the IR lights force them to stay on full brightness? Where exactly are they located?

There’s certainly no setting in the app to adjust the brightness but I wondered if there was some sort of command line interface or custom firmware that might be capable…



Dan what is the model of camera you are using? I was chatting a few months back with another user who wanted to find out where the light sensor is on the Dome camera. I don’t believe he got the answer with YI and didn’t fancy a tear down on his camera. It may be trial and error with some electrical tape around the ring of the camera to find where the light sensor is.

That way you could trick it into thinking it was low light conditions.

I assume you are using an SD for recording and have selected Activity Detection Recording within the Settings menu?

It is a strange one - I don’t know if the camera thinks it’s IR lights are motion - reflecting back from the wall.

Another question - is your AC power levels consistent I.e no fluctuations. Looking at your door you look to be in the UK so I’m thinking you won’t have mains power fluctuations. Usually power fluctuations impact IR lights on battery operated devices.

It’s a strange issue you have given you have moved the camera which was behaving normally to this location to test.

I know it’s strange but could you simulate night time conditions and put it in a box for dark conditions ? A mess around I know but would be great to get this adequately sorted for you as the cameras are absolutely great and at a smashing price.

I’ve done a bit of googling, I’ve never seen this name before but I think the model is a Y20…? Like i said it’s just a 1080 home camera with no dome.

Power levels are steady at the address.

I made it dark in the hall way by covering all windows and doors and the problem remained.

Next time I visit my parents I’ll try covering it with a box and see what happens or maybe covering the IR light with some semi transparent tape…

Yes, I’m pretty certain the camera thinks that the brightness level changing is movement.

It’s definitely a shame about the issue because as you say, they’re great cameras for the price.

Do YI staff ever comment on here? Maybe if I try and return it as faulty they might look in to the issue?

Edit: yea, it’s recording to an SD with activity detection recording and motion alerts

It could sadly just be a ‘feature’ of the camera. I will keep an eye on my two YI Home 3 cameras that I have monitoring similar to your camera. I use SD recording as well, just that I have it always recording to The SD card

It is just strange that it worked ok in a different location and that you’ve tried two different cameras. And from your video it certainly doesn’t look like a naughty spider or the like I causing it.

I’ve just bought the Yi Dome 1080p camera & having the exact same issue described. So I’ve been searching the web & came across this thread.

The camera seems to operate normally at night when the IR light is off.

If the IR light is turned on however, the IR light goes through the low-medium-high brightness cycle exactly as shown in the video above and described by @danielz000

Was there any solution discovered to this? Is it a hardware/software issue? I’m probably going to return the camera for a replacement on the possibility it’s hardware issue.

Hi. I don’t believe there was a solution for this issue yet. Or not what’s been posted here. I have continued to monitor my multiple Yi cameras and don’t get the experience you and @danielz000 suffer.

I would say go get an exchange for your camera. It could be hardware related.

You could try a different usb cable and power adapter to see if those could be causing power fluctuations which cause the IR lights to dim in the manner of which you are experiencing.

But if you are still within the retailer returns window I’d suggest a replacement.

I think if I remember correctly the camera in Daniel’s experience was working fine in a different part of his home. And he had another camera giving the same issue in the location of which his video es captured.

I’m having the same issue, it is a Yi home 1080p pointed at the door peephole. Outside there’s always light, inside goes from color to b/w when you turn on/off the lights. Then when the lights are off, the IR sensor goes bananas, every 3 to 4 seconds it goes from dark to absolutely bright, and for a split second you can actually see the hallway and the neighbor’s front door clearly, then it goes bright and you can barely see anything. I don’t know if you could update the firmware of the camera to lower the sensitivity or something.

Cheers guys, hopefully we can get some traction on this and a firmware fix :slight_smile: