Door bell camera



Hi I am wanting to add a door bell camera to the existing Yi system. I have three cameras at the moment would your software /app be ok with an additional camera. I see Yi do not have a door bell camera available as yet would another manufacturers work with your app or better still will you be adding one to your range and on the market relatively soon.
I am in the UK, installation is not an issue if required to be hard wired to a power source I am an electrician.
Many thanks

Hello @Robw, In regards to your query, at the moment the YI application does not support other camera brand. We can relay your inquiry to our developers and probably may come with a better idea which is making our own doorbell camera. However, we don’t guarantee if they will come up with a product soon but, it is a good suggestion.:slight_smile:

Many thanks for your prompt reply Kami. Looks as sadly I might have to use another manufacture for this single item and use there app system.
The three cameras from Yi, I have around my house do work very well.

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Thank you for your understanding. Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Kami have developed a doorbell camera. It’s at or almost at the beta testing stage.
It will work with the current app
Looks nice too, but I dont know of a release date yet


That would be ideal thanks Brian. I wonder when there releasing it on the market. Do you have the info on it.

@Brian Thanks! @Robw, Thanks for the interest, we do not have any specific date of release but we are working things up with our Engineering team to release the camera as soon as possible.

Here is the Kami doorbell