Dome Guard Malfunction

I bought a few months ago a Dome Guard. A few weeks from now it became useless. First it started disconnecting every 24 hours. After that it became useless , I’ve got support from Alexandra forwarding me the firmware which I tried to install manually according to the instructions . Nothing had happen , now I just hear a clicking as the sound of taking a photo continually. I’ve tried to reach Alexandra two days and still got no answer on the following steps to make valid my guarantee and get a replacement as the troubleshooting has failed … still no answer

If you have been speaking to someone who is in customer services then only they can assist with a refund or replacement.

If you didn’t buy directly from Yi/Kami seek support from your retailer.

I did buy from the Official Store in Aliexpress, at the beginning they sent me a firmware to update manually but still nothing that they advice fixed the issue.

Hey @AldoP If you purchased the camera through AliExpress, and you think the camera is defective, please contact AliExpress for a replacement.

The replacement process is done by AliExpress. If needed, please reference this forum thread to AliExpress as they are the ones who will replace your camera.

If the firmware sent didnt help and you’re still having issues, I recommend contacting AliExpress.

Many thanks for your patience.

Steven, thanks for the reply. The guarantee applies now directly with you as it has been already 5 months since I bought them through your official channel. They asked me to write to Alexandra V. but she has not come back to me with following steps after she sent me the firmware . What should I do?

Aliexpress advice to contact you directly as the days of the dispute have already gone.

I did open another thread because I still had no answer from Kami Support Team, I cannot open a dispute or warranty process with Aliexpress as they close the system of refund or change after 30 days. What do you suggest then?

Hey @AldoP Have you contacted our support team yet? Please contact them at and send me your ticket number as soon at its assigned. I will work with our team to get this resolved as quickly as possible.