Dome Camera 1080P deleted from Home app

I have a Dome 1080p to check on my old mother. 3 days ago it suddenly disappeared from my home app. I had to go to the other city in which my mum lives, reset the camera, add the wifi & camera again. It worked when I added again, but after a few hours it prompted that the camera is offline, then it was gone in the air, disappeared from Home app. Now I have to go there again, reset the camera, put the phone in front of it, and add it again. Why does this happen? And can’t the camera be added & saved to our account so even if the app has a problem on the phone, when we enter our account it comes back?
It is really difficult for me to go to the other city just to reset the camera every day!

Hi Rezahar! That must be frustrating! The only way to have the camera remove from the app or your account is by resetting the camera. This is odd. If you are only seeing the error “Camera Offline”, this issue is related to a power connection issue or network connection issue between the camera and the router. Ensure there are no obstructions that may block the signal between the router and the camera. Once the camera is back online see if the connection is stable. If the camera is staying online next to your router, the issue is the Wi-Fi connection between the router and the installed location.

Kami_Anne, no, it is not the connection between my camera & router. Yesterday it was deleted again, I went to Tehran, the other city, tried to rescan it and add it again. The camera says: Connected to wifi, you can now use your camera. Bit in the app it stays in the page which says it may take 1_2 minutes to connect, and doesn’t go to the next step which is showing the camera added to the application. It seems the app has some issue. I uninstalled it, reinstalled, bit the same problem still exists. Camera says it is connected, the app doesn’t go further than the connection page with a camera which shows zeros and ones on it moving!

Hell Rezahar! If you are stuck on the 1-2 minute screen when trying to pair. That means the pairing process has timed out. I would like to ask when you are at the same location after you pair the camera you can view the live feed of the camera? If yes. Please uninstall and reinstall the app then check if it’s still there.

No I can’t see the live feed. The camera was deleted from the app, so I had to re-add it. So without the camera in the app, how can I see the live feed?
I tried a hundred times. With different phones, with PC program, and with two different internet wifis. Every time it goes to the end, the camera says CONNECTED TO WIFI; YOU CAN NOW USE YOUR CAMERA, but the camera doesn’t add up to the camera list & it just shows me the 1-2 minute waiting page.
I have really become mad by it. Please do something for me. If necessary, call me on phone or Whatsapp. You can video call & I show you the whole procedure doesn’t work.

May I please have your email address let us seek assistance from the support team.

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Yes, of course. My email is
And one more thing: here in Iran we have strict censoreship by the government. I thought maybe that affects the procedure then I thought if that was the reason, the camera should have not worked from the very beginning. But it worked, & later disappeared from the camera list & can’t be added.

Hello, please check your email for support team assistance.

I checked several times but I haven’t received any email from your support team.
I also checked the camera & the problem still exists.

The email address where we sent the replacement form is, kindly verify it’s the correct email address. Kindly check other folders too like Spam.

I found it & sent the info.
If you send me a whatsapp or telegram address I can send you the film I took from what happens while I try to add it to the application. Thanks.

Hi Rezahar,

I am a forum member trying to find an explanation for a similar issue to yours. I live in the UK and returned home one morning to find my Dome camera 1080p had been completely deleted from my iphone app. It was working before I left home but I did not receive an alert when I came home and when I checked the camera was gone. I had to re-add the camera and reconnect, there was absolutely no record of it and I even received a welcome e-mail from Kami after I reinstalled it stating it was my first added camera? Clearly it was not and it was the one I had to add back on again.

I am concerned as I have also been told that it is only possible to have lost the camera if it was manually reset or deleted from the app and neither of these apply to me. Did you resolve the issue and maybe you have some tips or explanation that may help. My initial concern was that my WiFI had been hacked remotely allowing someone to enter our home and switch off the camera. I felt my front door lock was slightly different but can’t be certain. Any help would be most welcome. thanks