Date & Timestamp for Yi Dome U 2k Recordings

I have just bought two Yi Dome U 2k (YHS.5020) from Amazon and received it yesterday.
Firmware: – Up to date

After installing the Yi Home app (Version 6.2.5) on my iPhone and connecting to the Yi Dome U 2k, I have discovered that the downloaded snapshots and video (Live and SD) do not have an embedded date and timestamp. This camera is totally useless to me if I can’t have Date and Timestamp on the downloaded recordings.

Please confirm that this feature does or doesn’t exist for the Yi Dome U 2k (YHS.5020). If it doesn’t support Timestamp, I will immediately return to Amazon for a refund.

Hi, we would like to know the details of the problem you mentioned. Please reach out to us on the email listed below so our customer support can help you out:

Done but not receiving any confirmation on a very simple question:

Why is there NO date and time stamp in the downloaded photo and video recording from the SD card in my camera?

The expected response should either be:

  1. This feature exists in the Yi Dome U 2k and followed by instructions how to turn on Timestamp for the downloaded recorded video

  2. This feature is not supported. Please return the product to Amazon

ticket number: #1128509

This is Kami’s standard answer. NEVER has Kami given a serious answer to a question on this forum. All they do is refer to their customer service. That’s why this forum is practically worthless. At most, another forum member will have a solution to a problem. But nothing meaningful ever comes from Kami. People of Kami: please answer a question SUBSTANTIVELY! In this case it was a simple yes or no. And then every reader immediately knows whether it is normal that there is no date and time attached.

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Seeing the unresponsiveness of the and the Yi staff in this forum, I have decided to return both my Yi Dome U 2k cams to Amazon and avoid investing in Yi products.
This concludes my brief any unpleasant experience as a Yi product customer.