Dash Cam App can’t change the name of cameras in ios

Hi i have the Yi DashCam App for ios but when I want to change the name of a camera in the app, the app freezes and to use again y need to close and i never can change the name.

Can anyone has a solution for these?


Hello @oadeleon, sorry to hear about the issue you’ve encountered with the app. Kindly try to uninstall then reinstall the app from your smartphone. Or use a different smartphone.

@oadeleon any luck with the suggestions made by rock star @Kami_Nick?

Pleases let us know how it goes. Many thanks!

Thanks for the suggestions @Kami_Nick but I already tried to uninstall the application and install again but anyway it does not let me rename the devices and whenever I try to rename them the application always freezes. @Steven_Kami

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@oadeleon bummer. Lets’s take this to a pm and get our support involved.

Hi Steven was there any progress from this? I am having the same issue!