CPU and GPU usage

I am running the Alder Lake i9 12900k with a RTX 3070. When running the pc app it ends up using over 35% CPU and 35% GPU when I launch any video program or game the pc app ends up using 100% CPU and 85% GPU. Is there a compatibility issue? Never had this problem with my older system.

Thank you.

Hey @Mutebanter That seems like a lot. Which app are you running on your PC? Have you made Alder aware of this increase

I have not made Intel aware of this problem yet. I am running the YI home app on my PC. Just strange that I am having these issues with a new processor and GPU.

@Mutebanter Definitely strange indeed. I am not sure what could be the root cause. It seems like a pretty unique case where you have a new processor and GPU but it had an adverse effect. I’ll ask around to see what I can find out. If there is anything we can test how the old one performed vs new that could be helpful for our team.

I tried to recreate it on a older computer and it did not happen. It happens when I am running the program with 6 or more cameras on a windows 10 x64 with netflix running on an open browser and when I open a game that uses the gpu Yi home app starts using all of the CPU and the GPU until the computer freezes. I have never had this problem with any other of the older systems I was running. Hope that helps.

That’s very thorough feedback @Mutebanter I really appreciate it. Let me share this with our team and see what we can do to improve.