CPU and GPU usage

I am running the Alder Lake i9 12900k with a RTX 3070. When running the pc app it ends up using over 35% CPU and 35% GPU when I launch any video program or game the pc app ends up using 100% CPU and 85% GPU. Is there a compatibility issue? Never had this problem with my older system.

Thank you.

Hey @Mutebanter That seems like a lot. Which app are you running on your PC? Have you made Alder aware of this increase

I have not made Intel aware of this problem yet. I am running the YI home app on my PC. Just strange that I am having these issues with a new processor and GPU.

@Mutebanter Definitely strange indeed. I am not sure what could be the root cause. It seems like a pretty unique case where you have a new processor and GPU but it had an adverse effect. I’ll ask around to see what I can find out. If there is anything we can test how the old one performed vs new that could be helpful for our team.

I tried to recreate it on a older computer and it did not happen. It happens when I am running the program with 6 or more cameras on a windows 10 x64 with netflix running on an open browser and when I open a game that uses the gpu Yi home app starts using all of the CPU and the GPU until the computer freezes. I have never had this problem with any other of the older systems I was running. Hope that helps.

That’s very thorough feedback @Mutebanter I really appreciate it. Let me share this with our team and see what we can do to improve.

Is there a solutions for this problem? I actually have the same thing going on. I run a i7 8700k for a processor. I never had this problem until I got a new GPU. I had an EVGA RTX 2070 super (did not have CPU issue) and now run a MSI RTX 3070 ti and it does the same thing described above. I have contacted Nvidia as well as MSI and the problem still persists.

Nope I have not even heard anything since the last message from Steve. It still does not work for me. Being that is has been four months I might have to look into buying devices from a different company. Not what I wanted to do but between the app not working well and not being able to use the program on my computer it makes these unusable to me.

Just pitching in to say that I have the same issue and it occurs regardless of how many cameras I view (I only have 4 but typically use 1-2 at a time). Ryzen 5 5600X and an RTX 3080, about 60s or so after going fullscreen with a game, core 0 is absolutely pinned at 100% and I start experiencing lag in game to point of it being unplayable. The CPU usage continues at 100% for about the same amount of time after the game is minimised. Here’s a screenshot of task manager’s performance tab and resourse monitor shortly after lag started in game. You can see the climb up on almost all cores, particularly core 0.

And it ONLY happens when Yi Home Camera is running so it’s almost certainly the culprit. Some input and investigation from Yi/Kami would be useful otherwise I too will be forced to source a different product.

Since it has been over a year since I had posted I had to ditch the cameras. I never heard anything back and nothing ever changed, so I just assumed they did not want people who are having this issue to be customers. I switched to ring and cannot really complain. Their cameras are worth the money and the web based program is not half bad. It was a good run but I can say I am not looking back.