Continuous Recording Gone?

Hey @Jess2107 Thanks for coming to the forum for more advice on how to resolve this issue. We have had some app challenges that have affected the ability for those who download clips.

Can you send me a screen shot of the “Camera Settings” menu with your motion detection detection?

What is your firmware version?

Thanks for your patience and understanding. I greatly appreciate your patience.

no clue where t find firmware version… i just downloaded it last week… again

To view your firmware version complete the following steps starting from ‘Welcome’ page.

  1. Tap into camera live view.
  2. Tap the camera settings (the icon which looks like an hexagon)
  3. Camera settings

… the firmware version should be listed at the bottom of this page. Click into it and screengrab that page.

Post it to this thread.

Thank you

thanks for the help

Hey @Jess2107 thanks for sharing the screen shots. One more quick question for the team… What camera model is this?

yi home 1080P as far as i remember

Ran into this issue on my Yi Outdoor Camera recently. I removed the motion alerts and I regained continuous recording but ran into another issue with the sd card.

The microSD card (samsung 32GB) got stuck in write protect mode. Not sure how it happened but this prevented the loop recording from working. The app would just refuse to scroll back to previous time frames, complaining about Network Error.

I pulled the card out and was unable to remove the write protection so I replaced the card. Its working fine for now.

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Thanks for the feedback for the community. I am sure this will help someone along the way. Our first troubleshooting suggestion with SD cards, is try another SD card. It’s a quick way to learn where the challenge is coming from.

Super glad to hear you were able to quickly get this resolved.

With your new software/firmware update all i have are clips vs SD recording and a continuous up sell message to pay for the cloud. Purposely I bought these cameras 2 years ago to not have to play the subscription game. Is this indeed the path you’ve now taken?

No. SD card recording is available. What mobile platform are you using?

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Hey @SkipM SD card is definitely still there. Are you on iOS or Android? What app are you using?