constant recording to memory card for new model of home camera

I have the 1st generation Yi Home camera and the newer model. With the original camera video was only saved to the sd memory card when motion was detected. With the new model it seems to record continuously even though I am using the same settings. There are a few small breaks in recording but very few compared to the original camera. The alerts for the new camera appear to be working correctly and only show when there is noticeable motion in the video. I greatly prefer the way the older camera works because I could get more days of recordings on the card. Is there any solution to get the new camera to work more like the older one.

Hey Cliff! Thanks for joining the forum :wave:

Please check this setting in your app shown in the screenshot below.

If this setting is turned on then videos will only be saved when motion is detected. If it is turned off (not green) then the SD card will record continuously.

Let me know if that fixes it for you. Thanks!

Thanks for responding. I do have that setting checked and there are some gaps in recording but not very many compared with the older generation camera that I have. Additionally based on the alerts I am getting where I can clearly see motion there should be more gaps. For example, this evening I have an alert at 6:19PM and the next one is at 6:45PM but there is continuous recording between these two events.

Hi Cliff, I suspect that something is causing the motion detection of the camera to trigger. What level do you have your sensitivity level set at? If it’s at high, I would recommend trying medium and seeing if that helps.

I had a similar issue with my camera at night because of the reflective paint of my car.


I am also facing the issue of breaks in the recording - additionally for about 7 hours around 1:00 am to 8:00 am there is no recording every day. can you help?

Hello @Psisquare welcome to the YI community forum. Can you advise which model of camera you are using and what your settings are. From the title of this thread I assume you are using an SD card to record.

Your specified time should there be significant motion activated recordings ? Or do you have your camera to always record?

Hi its the Yi 1080 Dome camera. Its set to always record. and it records till 1 am and then it stops till 8 AM. Also for the time it records, there are like 5 minute gaps every hour or so.

It would be best to open a support case with YI

I assume nothing happens with your wifi at these times?

The only think I could think to try is a camera reset and to check there are no issues with the SD card by formatting the card (it will lose anything recorded to it though).