Constant background noise

My kami outdoor cameras have are now playing full background noise. Anyone else had this problem. I’ve turned mic off/on etc.

Hello @garyagh, is this the wired Kami Outdoor camera? Can you try to turn off the camera using the app and then turn it back on?
I may suggest contacting the support team to check this further. Send them an email at

Hi - has happened to both wired camera. Have tried turning off and on- no change

I’m not sure what you mean but the cameras will pick up all sounds that are in their area. I have 13 Yi cameras and four of them are outdoor cameras and I have many indoor cameras mounted outside too. I get all the background sounds that are happening in the area or talking etc.
that’s the way it’s always been for my cameras. I’m not sure if you’re getting just too much but I haven’t download the new version of this app yet.

I sorted it by resetting the power! :smiley:

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