Constant 3003, 3006 or 3012 errors

I’ve had my yi cameras for 3 years now and they’ve now started to become troublesome.

I have 2 Yi outdoor camera and they constantly show a 3003, 3006 or 3012 error and won’t allow me to live view them.

The firmware hadn’t been updated for years now which is disappointing and when I can eventually check the connectivity they all show as 10 on sent and received packets,

except one which is showing 2. Is this the issue with Yi servers causing the app not to live stream the camera?

I can provide screenshots of the 3003 error below

Hey @scottjosephsmith Did you updated your firmware? Or have you tried reseting the cameras? Here is a link to help to a hard reset:

Not a great response.

I’ve not updated the firmware as there hasnt been a firmware update in the last year for the yi outdoor camera.? Can you tell me?

And there’s a flaw with your outdoor camera, as owners position them high up so unfortunately I can’t do a hard reset as I’d need to get up around 20 feet, this isn’t going to happen…

Can you first of all explain what these error codes are rather than defaulting to a ‘turn it off and back on again’ approach please. That would be helpful

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Error Code 3003 - This error is related to a timeout but this one happens when the mobile app can’t establish a connection to the camera for 30 seconds. the advice sadly is to restart or reset the camera.

Is the camera plugged into the mains AC power? If so could you turn it off and see if that helps restore the connection? Could anything in your home environment be blocking the Connection of the cameras to the YI backend system?

Anything new added to your network recently that could be blocking the signal?

Error Code 3006 - The camera can’t reach the server and stays offline until the Internet connection is available again. The camera works by sending a constant heartbeat to the Yi backend the error suggests that it cannot complete this in the specified time. Therefore it sort of times out.

Again sadly if you try removing the power to the camera doesn’t work then a reset is the only hope.

I’m personally not sure of 3012 Error but think this could be a generic timeout error again suggesting that the camera isn’t communicating with the Yi back end system.

Given they have been previously working fine for three years and both are experiencing the same issue it would suggest that it’s something that both cameras rely on rather than say a unique camera issue (such as hardware failure).

I hope this helps somewhat but realise you don’t want to reset the cameras physically but it may be the only option.

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Even I learned something new! I was about to message our product team for more details but YorkShire knows!

Thanks @YorkshireUser - great to see that someone knows their beans.

So to answer your questions, absolutely nothing in the house has changed:

  • Same ISP
  • Same equipment
  • Same electronics, TV’s, TV Providers etc
  • Cameras are connected to AC power, and a power cycle has been done several times, which rectifies the issue temporarily, but it persists over time.

Error Code 3003 - This error is related to a timeout but this one happens when the mobile app can’t establish a connection to the camera for 30 seconds. - So the mobile app has network connectivity on 5G and also tried this on the same Wifi Network as the camera, this message shows up even before 30 seconds has passed, and its a poor message to say the least… The Message within the app is misleading, as it says ‘Difficulty Reaching the server’ - it’d be more helpful if this message actually gave you indication of where the problem is, as its certainly not my device, wifi, connectivity having the issue.

Error Code 3006 - The camera can’t reach the server and stays offline until the Internet connection is available again. The camera works by sending a constant heartbeat to the Yi backend - again sounds like a Yi issue and not my end.

Are there any ports that the Yi camera uses - that i can port forward to allow a better stream of data without causing lag and delays reaching the Yi servers - i’ve done a search and nothing comes up so assume the server IP addresses for Yi arent public and their TCP/UDP ports arent either?

I’ve checked the Firmware and it’s on the latest - FROM 2018 :rofl: - Seriously Yi, you need to update the firmware here to allow users to repair a camera remotely if these issues arrise. Wouldnt it be great to go into the app and select ‘Remove and Re-pair camera’ all from the touch of a button, but no, we have to go up a ladder, scan a QR code to pair the camera, a really bad UX issue which should be considered by your UX team for these outdoor cameras.

Dont get me wrong, the cameras when they work, are pretty good, but how did someone in the UX team not consider a repairing issue for cameras mounted 20ft up a wall


Hi. I’m not 100% sure of the ports for the Yi devices and would not like to give incorrect information based on what I’ve done for other manufacturer devices in the past.

I know it’s an hassle and I appreciate why would be involved but a reset of the cameras may be the best way around this. However, that may still not resolve the issue so I appreciate why you are resistant to do this.

Could you try giving your router a power recycle see if that could help? Again I know it’s like the 90s support help of “reboot and callback” but sometimes it still works.

If not it may need to be escalated to the Yi technical support

If you decide to contact them go ahead and email and include a link to this thread for their reference.

Once you have a ticket number update this thread with the reference and I am sure @Steven_Kami will follow up with the technical support colleagues.

Let em stress I can understand how frustrating this must be for you and the thought of ascending that ladder.

Re the security of the camera set up and requiring the scanning of the digital code I guess that is just how YI decided to do it.

I know other companies do it slightly differently (but you could argue they charge a great deal more for their products). I know another one that does it similar to YI but each camera as a unique identification number which you can use instead of scanning a similar style QR code. I use both of the types of products i mention here.

@scottjosephsmith can you send me the ticket number you were given when you contacting our technical support team?

Hi @Steven_Kami

I havent raised a ticket as yet due to being busy with work throughout Covid19.

I have thought, taken screengrabs of the connectivity and network screens within the app. Both are excellent and 100% so there doesn’t seem to be any issues with my camera or WiFi connecting to the camera itself?

@scottjosephsmith The screenshots are super helpful! Thanks for sharing.

What is your ticket number? I will point our support team to these for reference.

Thanks @Steven_Kami - The ticket number raised today is 506254

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I’ve had the default reponse from support with my ticket @Steven_Kami

  • move camera closer to router
  • cycle power
  • reset router

As you can see there are no issues with the WiFi signal strength and I have a zero packet loss.

Can you point me in the direction of something like ‘uptimerobot’ which is directly linked to the Kami or Yi servers, as I think this is server, not client side.


Can you give me an update here.

I’m looking to identify the uptime of your servers in which the camera connects to, as I feel this could be the root cause.

Can you list the ip addresses for me to check/run tests and provide any port numbers.

Can you provide any information, similar to ‘uptimerobot’ which points to your servers?

Again my network is sitting with zero packet loss and 100% WiFi strength.


Hey @scottjosephsmith I see your response to our customer support team. Thanks for responding yesterday. I will ping them and let them know you’ve responded and to follow-up. We will get this resolved.

I am facing similar problem. If I continue the APP in live camera viewing condition then there is no error and it continues for hours.

However, if I do some other task in Mobile and then again open the app, it says camera is offline.

Then I reset the camera and few minutes after every successful pairing, the YI Life app indicates Camera is offline.

I don’t want to continuously view the live camera in mobile APP. Kindly inform for any resolution.

What is the make and model of your camera? How long have you owned the camera? Have you ever had it working correctly?

Have you attempted any troubleshooting? I have posted some things needed in this thread.

Take a look here

I have also deleted the other post you made for the very same thing. Please try not to make multiple posts about the same matter as it floods the forum

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Thank you :slight_smile: Hope you’re doing well!

@YorkshireUser - Thanks for your response and links to helpful topics.

I have YI 87001 Home Camera. This was previously working fine for last one and half year with the same wi-fi network. Sometime last month it indicated that camera is offline. Then I did reset and re-synch process. Every time the camera remains online until I continue the APP in live camera viewing condition. The moment I do other task in mobile and come back to YI app, it says camera is offline. The issue is recurring even today. Still not able to find out exact cause and any resolution.

When the error is back on screen could you screen grab it and post it to the thread please ?

I am attaching screen shots from today. Camera blue light is constant without flicker.