Complete button not working when viewing an alert

When viewing an alert, after seeing the 6 second clip, there is a button -COMPLETE- that usually lets you see more then 6 seconds. But in the current release (4.4.9), the COMPLETE button appears to take you to a real-time camera - as opposed to viewing the alert that was selected. I think this is a bug in release 4.4.9. Please fix this ASAP, so that I can view the complete clip of a motion activated alert.

Hi peter. This is something I suffer from too. Especially on iOS device. When using the alert functionality from the camera window once the six seconds is viewed tapping on ‘Complete Clip’ it reverts to Live vuee rather than playing more of the recording video.

I have SD recording always on.

It’s been happening for me for a while so I had a play around with the app.

The workaround I follow is from the main home page ‘Welcome Home’ use the alert option there then select the alert you wish to view. The complete Clip will then play.

I’m using SD cards and the free six seconds cloud and that works for me.

Give it a go? I trust I’ve understood your question?

See my post about this very matter:

@Steven_Kami any chance of putting this to the product team to look at ‘fixing’ please?