Cloud videos not working

I have a cloud subscription and my videos won’t play. There is an option under the cloud to play the videos associated with motion but they do not load. This is a system error on your end because we have no phone or internet issues here. The videos just say loading and never load. I need this addressed asap. I have a sick pet that I rely on this feature for.

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To assist Yi support please reply with:

  • Your location.
  • Your mobile device and operating system.
  • Which Home app you are using (Yi or Kami) and it’s version.
  • When was this last working.
  • The exact wording of the error message and if possible a screengrab of said error.

If you are having this issue on iOS could you try Android? And if on Android could you try ios?


I have yi home app on android Samsung galaxy note 10 plus. I cannot try in ios I don’t have Apple products. Here is the shot I get it just says loading for over 30 min won’t show videos. I updated the app firmware all is up to date. Restarted phone and app. Nothi

ng works.

I assume from what you’ve said that your mobile data is working for other apps and browser?

Could you try using the Kami Home app- log in using your YI Home credentials.

I downloaded the kami app and logged in same issue.

Mobile and home internet working fine. No other issues just this app. This has happened before and it was found to be an error on your end.

I Uninstalled and reinstalled both apps neither work so basically my cloud service I’m paying for is worthless.

Yeah the same thing is happening to me. I try to bring my cloud up and itll act like it’s loading but it wont. Im not having issues with internet or anything either. Just the cloud. Pretty frustrating

Yes, I’m having the same issue

Well I’m glad it’s not just me. This has happened with them before and it’s always been a server issue on their end. Their stupid helper thing in the app is not helpful at all says I don’t have settings right but I do. I watched videos this morning early now all of a sudden not working. It is for sure an issue on their end.

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I’m getting “No videos uploaded to Cloud today” none of the previous 15 days Videos are available either, it’s almost like the Server is offline…frustrating to say the lease, I’m trying to check up on a 92 year old with Alzheiheimers.

Same here no cloud footage for all of my cameras. Can’t select previous days either as they come up no cloud footage

Hello @kiellliam @Jon12 @Cmoh330 @sandyblack @Js1 @YorkshireUser Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are aware of the issue and working to resolve it immediately.

Can everyone please drop in the forum thread where they are located?

Thanks for you help& & patience. We will be in constant contact until this is resolved.

Kami Team

Ohio is location for me

I’m based in England

Oakville, Ontario, Canada for me.

Pennsylvania for me.

The same happend, from Sevilla spain. I’ve 5 cameras subscrip, 30 days, cvr recording, is frustrating.

I am based in the United Kingdom

I am based in London, United Kingdom.
I have raised a ticket via your support email.
I have 3 YI cameras used for building an antisocial behaviour case, and I am loosing vital evidence, along with my cloud videos from this morning and previous days :frowning:
Please could you kindly resolve this urgently.
Thanks in advance