Cloud Storage and Playback are not effective

I subscribed to the yearly plan so that I could have full-access to viewing old recordings, as well as get notifications for abnormal sounds and person detections.
As of right now, I am only able to preview (6 second) recordings for when a person or sound is detected. I want to view these clips for a longer period of time! I want continuous recording! Otherwise, the cloud plan is pretty much pointless!

Which cloud plan did you purchase?

Only one currently supports continuous recording (CVR). If this is what you have purchased you will need to contact Yi Support.

I purchased the Standard plan for 5 cameras. I understand it doesn’t record continuously, but it also doesn’t record the entire motion, like it’s been advertised. It only ever shows me approx. 6 seconds.

It’s more of a preview. if you tap on the screen or toggle through the recording history bar, the option to play the entire clip will be displayed one the screen. Tap this option and you can watch the full clip.