Cloud Service showing expired after payment

I subscribed through the Apple account, my Apple account says the cloud service expires October 2021, however in the yi home app cloud is showing as expired.

Please help


Thanks for reaching out! Sounds like it’s an individual issue, let me send you a private message.

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My yearly Cloud subscription was paid in Dec 2020 and it says it should expire in Dec 2021, but apparently it already has!

Contact customer services via

Hey @Smiekley Make sure you contact customer support. We ran into a challenge that affected a number of accounts. We still have all your correct end dates on file, if you contact support, they will happily get you situated. Hope all is well!

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It may be worth making a post and sticky it Steven. There’s a few examples like this

Thread created @YorkshireUser :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestion.

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