Cannot access premium services and I have payed for them

I set up my camera today and paid for my cloud services I set up a monthly S service for five cameras. It says on my account that I have paid for it it shows me the settings and what I get with the premium account but I cannot access any of the alerts of you any footage. Any help will be appreciated thank you.

Hello. Did you add your cameras to the cloud account ?

Visit for help on doing this.

Yeah i am pretty sure I did. I shared the camera with my wife on her android phone she can access it all but I cannot not on my iPhone ? Is an iOS issue

Hello @Joshb I am sorry to hear you’e having issues with your cloud subscription.

Can you confirm that your wife, on an android device, is able to pull up cloud videos without any issues?

Yes I added it to the subscription and even changed subscription and still no luck. My wife could access everything on android as a family member to my account on my iPhone app I couldn’t access anything no alerts no cloud just the camera. I removed the camera from my phone and added it to my wife’s and I am now the family member and she is the main account same issue I cannot see anything and no alerts must be iOS problem.

I am having the same issues. It shows on my thumbnail but when I click see complete video there’s nothing. I can’t get anyone on the phone or to reply to my email. Plus I ordered a new camera May 8TH and it has yet to ship!

Same here I have messaged them on Twitter Facebook and on there main website I cannot find a number to contact them on. Payed for the service cannot access it

Hello! I am sorry to hear that you’re having troubles accessing video clips. Can anyone having issues please provide there phone operating system, and send a screenshot of what they’re seeing when trying to download the clip?

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

iOS Apple iPhone.

Hey @Joshb Thanks for sending this over, I have filled in the team so we can work towards a resolution.

Can you send a screenshot of what happens when you press “unlock”?

Many thanks for your assistance and patience.

Sure. And hopefully soon I have payed for 2 subscriptions now and no success

Thanks, @Joshb Working with our team to look into this further. We have an app update addressing these issues being released on Monday. Let’s checkin then to see if this problem is resolved.