Cancelling account and refund

I have been trying for the better part of a week to cancel my trial cloud subscription before I was charged $150 and cannot figure it out. I have sent emails to support 3 times without a response. I need to know how to cancel my account and get a full refund?!?!

Hi Arick, I’m sorry for the delay and the frustration this has caused. I’ve escalated this for you and should should see a reply from our team shortly.

I have not heard anything back yet…any updates?

Hi Arick, I can see that Samuel is working your support ticket and that you provided some follow up information for him on Thursday. Please bear with us while he gets to the bottom of this. I’m very sorry for the wait.

Dear Sir/Madam, Ref: 2KM33034PC673003F It is with emense frustration that I am sending this message. 5/6 weeks ago I canselled my subscription as I do not use the product. I was informed that you were taking payment anyway and eventually you did. Could you please refund the payment as it was taken without authorisation. The email address on the transaction is I have been unable to access this as it now seems to be blocked.

Nicholas Camp

Hi Nicholas, sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately I can’t help with that issue here. I see that you have already created a support ticket (Incident #449040) and I have updated your case with this new information you’ve provided here. Someone from customer support will get back to you shortly to help you.

Seems to be an ongoing issue with this company. they make it extremely hard to cancel a service in hopes that you won’t remember or just not realize it has been charged. Very poor business ethics.
In fact just a little while ago there is another post about not being able to figure out how to cancel service and they had to go in and make the cancelation page available for consumers. I would recommend to anyone not to sign up for a free trial service unless they intend to keep the service as it will be almost impossible for you to find out how to cancel. Shame on you YI!

@ajf5197 I know it currently a frustrating process to cancel and I apologize for that. Making the process easier is one of our main goals at the moment so hopefully user experience will improve very soon.

I am in exactly the same position. Cancelled the 30 day free trial before the end of the 30 days, sent several emails, left feedback via the app, tried the telephone number repeatedly which doesnt work, and disputed the £120 they have deducted via paypal AFTER I cancelled the trial. I took screenshots of every screen on the app to confirm ive cancelled and not using the cloud service and it clearly states “click to buy” on the subscription box. But they havent refunded the money or communicated with myself or paypal. I have lodged a dispute to claim a chargeback with my bank. Shockingly bad customer service!!!

Hi Donna, I’m very sorry for the frustration caused by this. This happens if you cancel a subscription but do not stop the automatic payment through PayPal. It’s not your fault, as the current system is not user friendly. We are working on improving this process.

I just checked out customer support portal and I can only see one message from you from about 10 minutes ago. Unfortunately, there is not much information in that message for the support team to go on. Do you mind sending an email with the screenshots you are referring to to Please include the following in the body of your email message:

Following up from Incident #450965

hi, i have just forwarded the emails again just now to the sales email address, previously sent to finance. If you also check the feeback on the app, you will see that I made contact twice last weekend to confirm cancellation also. I have included my screenshots of the app which show it expired on 3rd of August and i had not extended the subscription further as not required.
The lack of customer service/support/communication has created an excessive amount of unnecessary stress this week.

Hi Donna, one of our support just replied to you (ticket #450965). Again, I’m very sorry about the frustration caused.

It has now been 1 week and I have yet to hear anything back regarding my refund. This company is a fraud!!

Hi @ajf5197 I just followed up regarding your case. You should receive an email from one of our team shortly. Apologies again for the delay.

What is your definition of ‘shortly’?? Still haven’t heard anything…

Hi @ajf5197 one of the customer support team just put through your refund. It should take 5-7 working days to appear in your account. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay.

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Thinking of cancelling mine also. I paid for my subscription but my cloud is not working its telling me action required: Attach Camera to Cloud Backup. I have missed out on 2 weeks of my cloud service because of this and this is 2 weeks of :moneybag: down the drain. I have emailed support a few times regarding this and haven’t heard nothing from them.

Hi @Jchensel16 thanks for joining the forum! You have a very cute dog!

Apologies for the delay from customer service. I’ve escalated your case to our cloud specialist so we can get this sorted out for you asap.

Btw I had a look for your emails and I could only find one. The ticket number is #456229. Do you have a previous ticket number?

@Kami_Mark I sent 1 email and then I did a message through the support through here, I have a copy of it around here somewhere.

this is the reply I got back from them.

Thank you. His name is Zeus and he is my pride and joy.

@Kami_Mark yesterday I received a message from Patrick another YI Customer Rep and he fixed the cloud issue said the problem was on the cloud side, so my cloud is now working as it should be, just stinks that I missed out on the first 2 weeks of my service.