Can not watch live Yi Dome on YiHome ios device

Hello everyone.
I have problem with watching live on YiHome iOS app
I still normally watch live on Android device but iOS cant watch and always show error -3030
But i can watch motion detected notification normally on iOS
Does anyone have any idea to solve this problem ?

Hi @HarryVn Do you get the same problem when connected to WiFi and when connected to 4G/LTE mobile data?

Here are a few things you can try:
Restart your phone
Power cycle your router
Check that you have the most up to date iOS version
Check that you have the most up to date YI Home app version

Please let me know if those steps help.

I can’t connect to my mini-Kami with my older ipad, but it works great on my iPhone SE running ios 14.6.

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same issue on Iphone app 5.6.1 and Windows download to PC with IOS 15.6.1 and windows 11 21H2