Can not connect to yi dome today

I have a yi dome 720 camera and it has worked well for a year. but suddenly today I can not connect the camera with android app.anyone have the same experience today ? please help

Hello @aha thank you for joining the forum. Can you please provide a bit more info about the issue? Do you mind providing a screenshot of what you are seeing? Thanks!

hello. thanks for your reply .camera works fine now and the motion tracking function works. but I can not connect to camera using my app. even when I use the same wifi router for my mobile and camera.

I have same problem but on iOS device
My android device normally watch

@HarryVn, thanks for joining the forum. Are you running the latest version of the YI Home iOS app? Have you tried unplugging the camera and plugging it back in?

Yes.i’m using latest version iOS & app
I try to reset yi dome many time & reconnect again but still not fix.
In android everything is normally

@HarryVn can you please let me know at what stage of the pairing process is the camera getting stuck? Can you reset ok?

Any screenshot or further info about the issue would be much appreciated.

Here is an article with some information about coming pairing issues.

I have no error when pairing my camera.
Everything is normally

Hey @HarryVn so what is the issue exactly? Everything is ok now?

my problem fixed by reset camera and update the app.

That’s great! Well done!