Cameras won’t scroll up or down

I have 3 Yi cameras. Until recently I haven’t had an issue but now they will only scroll left or right, not up or down. I e unplugged them, deleted them off my app and re-added them and they still won’t work. Any ideas?

Please check if the Firmware of your camera is up to date.

To check the Firmware of your camera, do the following:

  1. Launch the YI Home/Kami App.
  2. On the Welcome page, tap on the name of the YI Camera you want to check the Firmware of.
  3. Tap on “Settings”. (It may be found at the lower right part of the screen for IOS users and the upper right part of the screen for Android users.)
  4. From the “Settings” page, tap on “Camera Settings” > “Firmware”.

Please check if the Firmware version is up to date. If it’s not the current version yet, go ahead and upgrade it. If it’s already the latest version, kindly delete the camera from your YI Account, reset it and pair it again.

If you still experience the issue, please reach out to us on the email listed below so our customer support can help you out: