Cameras disappeared from iOS App

Hi everyone,

Yesterday when I tried to access my camera the App said that my login expired and I needed to login again. I did that but when the App opened, to my surprise, I could not see my camera anymore. I just have the option to add a new camera (see screenshot).

I asked my wife to check if she could see our home cameras, but the same thing happened (iOS as well, but different phone).

Is this something that you are correcting or is there a way to correct it?

When i tried through the PC app (same login data, without updating the App) I can still see my camera, so it is obviously an App issue (I noticed that the App has been updated recently).

This is especially serious because I just went on vacation and I use the camera to be sure that everything is alright.

Thank you!

Hi @GuidoVdS please refer to the thread below.

Apologies from the YI and Kami team about this.

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@GuidoVdS we released an update to fix this issue. Please update to Version 4.3.17 of the app.

Hi @Kami_Mark,

Just updated it and it is working. :smiley:

Thanks for the help and prompt reply.


That’s great to hear. Thanks for letting us know @GuidoVdS.

Hi, the update did not resolve it for me… the first time i faced this issue was yesterday and i reset all my cameras and re-connected them. Today, again, the app asked me to confirm the country of region and user And pass… when i did, i noticed that my cameras have disappeared again… any quick fix for this issue plz? Thanks

Hi Mahi, if you are now on Version 4.3.17 of the YI Home app and still can’t see your cameras you will need to reset your cameras and pair them again. Really sorry about this!

For anyone who need to reset their cameras you can find information regarding how to do that for you particular camera model in our help center.

Also, here is a general article that walks through the process of pairing cameras with the YI Home app.

Hello! This problem happened to me a week ago. All reset and worked, including subscription via apple. Today the app on iphone started asking country and all as new! Reinstalled the app but the problem is that the camera is not found! The first time I received alerts in the app, although didn’t see it, when going close the camera before reset. That means the camera is online and working. Seems a matter of the app.
The problem is that I’m on vacations and far from home. You have to help to reconnect with the cameras in this case.
Please help

Hi Javier, sorry to hear you are experiences this issues. Can I please confirm something. Are you still receiving alert notifications even though you can’t see the cameras?

A thing that worked for me (even before the update):

  1. You get into the App and it asks for your region and login
  2. After login you cannot see your cameras
  3. Sign out
  4. Pick the region and login again
  5. Suddenly everything is working (without reset)

It is not high-tech, but it might be worth to try before resetting the cameras…

Hi Mark, thanks for the reply. I actually updated the app to the mentioned version and then started getting the problems with the cams disappearing… the update that i did now is for my ios, should i be resetting my cams in all cases or this is irrelevant?.. i do get notifications from my cams but they don’t show as devices in the home view.

Hi! Not now. But last week, at the first disconnection I received notifications -I heard them in the app- when I entered the house. But no images neither alert clips.

@Mahi85 and @jdiez can you please try the steps that @GuidoVdS recommended above and let me know if that restores your cameras?

Just got one. I’m reinstalling the app right now.

Installed again and no cameras! Is there any way to look for it online? Otherwise the system is not reliable.

@jdiez did you try logging out and back in one more time as suggested by @GuidoVdS?

Three times, no cameras at all

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I don’t know what’s going on but if that happens when you are out, it’s a big problem! It is the second time. Can’t fix bugs with the camera remote. I need a solution online or I can’t rely on this camera anylonger. Sorry!

@jdiez We are very sorry about this. Customers tot having access to their cameras when they need them is a serious concern for us. We are doing our best to get this error corrected, but in your case is seems we are running out of solutions so we hope you will accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and frustration this has caused.