Camera yi home 1080 +AI stuck orange


Few months ago I purchased a yi 1080 +AI home camera.

After not using for a pair of months, yesterday I sincronized it again and worked properly.

However, after unplugging it to change the room, it stopped working. It kept with orange LED, without clicking. It didn’t even connect to the app.

After switching it off and on several times, I tried to reset the camera but nothing happened.

I have found that with the proper file, the FW can be reflashed. But there is no FW available in the website for this camera.

What can I do to use again l the camera?

I have a 720p camera since 2015 and I didn’t have any problem. This new one is not as good as the previous version.

Thank you for your help,

Hey @Escude Thanks for coming to the forum for more info in regards to your recent 1080 AI+ purchase. I am sorry to hear this camera is not working properly.

Have you contacted our support team yet? You have 4 other cameras, I trust you are familiar with troubleshooting methods but it may be that the camera is defective. I would contact our support by visiting or email for hard ware related inquires.

It sounds like you are still within your warranty period. We would be more than happy to help you get a replacement.

Many thanks for your patience. I look forward to your response.

Thank you very much @Steven_Kami for your answer. Yes it should be in warranty period. I will contact to the support.

I hope we can find a solution.


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Thanks @Escude Let me know once you have a ticket with support. I can follow the ticket to make sure all is taken care of.

Hello Steven,

I got a ticket (sorry for not sharing it before) but within few hours I had a replacement arranged. Yesterday I received the new camera.

Great customer service!

Thank you for your support!

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Thank you! I have sent your reply over to our CS team. We appreciate the kind words. They work VERY hard.

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In January I received the new camera and it worked fine. At home I use a 720p camera and I kept this one.

Now, we are in holiday away from home and I have picked the new camera to keep an eye on our son. My surprise is that it does not work again… The failure is exactly the same: orange light and nothing happens. It does not react to reset.

I am really confused. Is is strictly required a micro SD card? Right now i am not using it.

Thank you,