Camera viewing jumps between cameras without notice.

Occasionally I will be looking at the live view of one camera and it will, without warning, change to another camera view but still displays the name of the first camera. I was standing in the doorway of my garage with my phone looking at my garage camera and it switched over to my front door camera and I was looking at myself in the doorway looking into the garage. This has happened to some of my other cameras. It could be that I’m to close to the cameras but not sure. It could be due to all the changes Kami/Yi make to the features which temporarily makes the cameras unstable until all has been downloaded. The camera in the garage has a malfunctioning SD card. I discovered that it had a cheap SD card in it and this is the second one of that brand that has gone bad. All the other cameras have SanDisk and haven’t had problems. I have 13 cameras and 10 of them with paid subscriptions.