Camera Sharing Not Working

My parents are sharing their cameras from their Yi account and all were showing previously. Yesterday i set up one new additional camera for them and reset one if their existing cameras and sent myself an invitation through their account to mine and the two cameras are not showing and no invitation has come through. I have tried deleting and resending the invites multiple times, rebooting our devices, logging in/out of of accounts, uninstalling/reinstalling the apps, but nothing works. I can still view 3 of their 4 existing cameras through my account, but not these other 2.

Can you please help resolve this issue? I manage both accounts (one mine and one for my parents) and have access to everything myself. Its critical I be able to monitor my elderly parents, while still having visibility to my family inside my home. Thank you.

I noticed that the app won’t send invidual invitations for new cameras anymore. You have to delete the shared user and share all the cameras at the same time, old and new. This way you get the email invitations and notification on the main screen in the app.

In the app that has the account that owns the cameras:
‘Account’ ->‘Sharing’

  • delete the existing user that you want to see the new cameras
  • make a new share (‘share with new person’)
    -use the same email address
    -choose all the cameras you want tho share at the same time.

At least this worked with android.

I have the exact same issue! When I send the “Sharing” link and click on it, the YI app gets launched and then NOTHING happens! of course, I am unable to then see the Camera stream being shared!

The YI Support told me that if a user account is newer than Nov 25, 2022 then this is part of the paid subscription service, else one should be able to “share” the view without additional payments.