Camera Playback stopped working

I have 3 Yi indoor dome cameras and I am using IOS. They worked for years watching video on the SD card. They are located in 2 different residences on 2 different networks. All three no longer play back video from the as cards.

It records motion video and you can rewind timeline on all cameras. Once you stop and request playback, it just freezes displaying live video in the background.

What I have tried
Reformatting sd cards
Deleting and reinstalling app on iPhone
Resetting cameras
Verifying latest firmware

All have not resolved the issue.

I strongly suspect an IPhone software issue

Thank for your assistance


Hello. Please can you detail your IOS version. I also have use of IOS devices and am not experiencing the same as you have described here. Thanks

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This has happened since IOS 13.x I just upgraded to version 14.6