“Camera offline” on PC App while working fine on iPhone App

Hi! I just downloaded the Yi PC app on windows 10 and added my 2 cameras but each time I try to view the feed it says “camera is offline”…as I’m literally seeing the live feeds working fine on my iPhone app. Cameras say 100% network connectivity and I have cloud services as well, what am I doing wrong on pc?

The 2 cameras are the older 720p yi indoor cameras, I am adding 3 new 1080p cameras of the same model later today or tomorrow when they arrive. With 5 cameras I would love to be able to see them all on my pc, please help!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Could you take a look at this support article for help

This might help you.


YES!! Actually that fixed it thank you so much! Oddly, my region was already set to North America but I went in and selected North America again and the cameras pulled up just fine. You are awesome!

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Glad it worked :slight_smile:

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Nicely done, community! :slight_smile:

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WELL…it was working until a few minutes ago. Now the original 2 cameras say offline and the new 3 are fine. At the same time the 2 “offline” cameras were live with 100% connectivity on iPhone again. I had all 5 streaming live on pc about 2 hrs ago! Any ideas how to fix front door and back room cams? All 5 are confirmed online by the iPhone app

Sorry I could only embed 1 at a time! See front door cam at 7:03

@lhl Hannah, thanks for sending the screenshots. It’s incredibly helpful for troubleshooting. I will get with the technical team and have an answer for you tomorrow about how to troubleshoot this.

Thank you in advance for your patience. I hope all else is well!

Thank you Steven! The 2 offline cameras came back on pc around 10pm, I haven’t tried again this morning but so far the original 2 are the only ones that drop on and offline on pc. All 5 have still been online/live on iPhone consistently so far! Thanks!

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@lhl glad to hear it! Keep us posted if this happens again.