Camera not recording 6 sec videos

All of a sudden I am not getting any recordings of the sixth second of activity. I live 500 miles away from my 92-year-old mother and it is imperative that I am able to see as she enters the bedroom etc… I recently got a new phone and I’m wondering if it has something to do with this, but my other cameras with other companies are working fine, SD card is fine etc. I need help

Hi, we would like to fix this. As we don’t have your email address, can you please write to us at so that we can help you better. We look forward to your email.

My e-mail is I have tried several times to contact somebody to figure out why my mothers camera is not recording any activity and I’m not receiving the six second clips. I do see the live view but it’s imperative that I am able to see when she is moving.

The 6 seconds are not free anymore… that’s why.

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