Breathing detection

I am using Kami baby bought from indiegogo.

I am trying to activate the breathing detection function, but I could not seem to make it to work. May I know how to activate it please?

I have tried pressing a button that looks like wind, but it does not do anything with real baby or with a fake baby. May I know what I got wrong please?

Hello @andrew The feature breathing detection is currently disabled as our engineers are trying to improve it for better user experience.

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Hi @Kami_Nick, may I know where is it written in the indiegogo webpage that the breathing detection is disabled please?

Since breathing detection is main reason I have purchased it.

On this page:

The KamiBaby is described as:
“Industry-First Baby Breathing Magnifier”

Thanks for the comment stickman! Our KamiBaby monitor has a lot of cool features, the baby breathing magnifier being one of the REALLY cool ones.

But it’s disappointing to get a product with top claim feature missing, feel cheated… other security camera could do other features on this product

Hello! In our case we don’t have any problem and breathing magnifier works well. We are just wondering if the baby would stop breathing, would Kami send a notification about that?

Also, is there a manual for the app or Kami Baby settings, because would be nice to read the explanations for various things. For example when changing the alert sensitivity levels, what those actually mean etc. No it’s more like a guessing game.

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How did you make it to work? Mine do not give any alert or alarm even when I used a doll that looks like human.

What I meant is that when using the app and when watching our baby sleeping, the breathing magnifier works. So you can see that the picture is going blurry when the baby is breathing. But my question here was that will the app send a notification IF the baby would stop breathing.

I know it’s very unlikely but also possible. So the app is great to check manually if everything is ok but I would also like to know, if the app will send a notification in the situation like I just explained.

And if so, with what settings? Because we are not using at the moment notifications for the every motion because we don’t need to get a notification during the night every time our baby moves a hand :slight_smile:

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The breathing magnifier also moves when I placed a doll and then I realized the magnifier is just a nice video effect and not really a magnifier. It didn’t give any alert with a doll.

Hey @Teemu Great question! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community! We are glad to hear you’ve enjoyed our baby monitor. The breathing magnifier is a great tool!

There would not be an alert sent out if your baby stopped breathing. We are very close to releasing our breathing detection software that would alert in the event you’ve described. So, stay tuned! And thanks for the awesome feedback :slight_smile:

Now it’s happening also to us. So this ”Baby Breathing Magnifier” keeps doing the same thing was the baby in the bed or not. It is exactly why I bought this one. Otherwise we could’ve bought any other camera with a lot less money.

So any comments or help with this one?

I thought the same too, paid such a price for something when a home security camera could be bought at 3 times cheaper price…

Hey @Teemu and @Andrew Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We are currently working to improve this feature & will keep you posted to any updates.

Until then, it might be best to turn off the Baby Breathing Magnifier feature.