App update 31/7/2020

Hi This morning my iPhone updated my YI App to a new version released yesterday. I was logged out and had to log in again. After logging in I noticed all 3 of my cameras were no longer in my account. Anyone got any idea what has happened?

All 3 cameras are in 3 different locations up to 250km apart so not easy to re add

Hi David, please refer to the thread below for the fix for this issue. The good news is you will not need to reset and re-pair any of the cameras. But we are very sorry for any inconvenienced caused.

Hi @Davidgaughan we just released an update to resolve the missing camera issue. Please update to Version 4.3.17 of the app.

I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but my cameras are still missing! Getting frustrated now.

I have updated the app but still no joy!

Hi @ncrespel if you have updated to YI Home Version 4.3.17 please try the follow steps.

1 - Restart your phone
2 - Open the app and log out
3 - Pick your region again and login again

If you still cannot see your cameras after doing this you will need to reset and re-pair your cameras. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this glitch.

You can find information about how to reset individual camera models in our help center. Or please feel free to let me know what cameras you need help with and I can provide assistance.

Also, here is a general article that walks through the process of pairing cameras with the YI Home app.

@Davidgaughan and @ncrespel may I please have an update regarding your situation? Did you get your cameras back online?