App keeps crashing

App crashes every time I view a captured motion and select the “play complete video” button, as well as every time I try to scroll through the timeline. I basically can’t view any saved footage aside from the short clip it shows when motion is detected, despite paying for 24/7 cloud recording. This problem occurs on the Yi Home app and Kami Home app. I’ve downloaded both apps on an old phone, and the problem does not occur. The phone I am experiencing this issue on is a Samsung Galaxy A13 5G running Android 13. The phone on which this problem does not occur is a Samsung Galaxy A12 running Android 12. The phone on which the apps work fine does not have service so I cannot view cloud saved footage when I am away from home. I am massively frustrated with this issue as well as the fact that there is no customer support phone line available from Yi or Kami. Such a lack of functional service and support makes this whole system feel like a bit of a scam. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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We apologize for this experience. We would need to speak with you to better understand the problem you encountered. Please contact us at so we can help resolve this issue. Thank you.

I emailed support and received a generic response suggesting that I reset the camera and my router, things I have done several times each. I responded asking for further suggestions and received no response. Five days later, not even 5 minutes after unpairing the camera from my account, I finally received a response providing no relevant solutions but instead telling me that there is no camera paired to my account. It seems to me that these support agents have no working solution to these issues and simply waited until I unpaired my camera so they would have something to suggest. I entirely expect now that I will again not receive any response, and that if I do, it will be another suggestion to reset the camera or my router. This is the most incompetent technical support team I have ever communicated with, to the extent that this entire company’s operation appears to be a scam, accepting money for services that are known to not work, offering no way to make if work properly. I will be charging back the payment I have made to this company and never using these services again. If anyone considering using Yi/Kami cloud recording services is reading this, know that, as of June 27, 2023, these services do not work on Android devices and the support team does not have working solutions. Do not pay anything to these scammers and avoid using the services entirely.


My camera worked absolutely fine for a year before I started paying for it. It’s been offline since April. No matter what I do nothing works or it will work for a few hours n quit again. I used to have an INSIDE camera under my eve for 3 years until I decided to upgrade to this one. JUNK!! All those steps they say do not work, scam indeed :100:

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I changed where it was plugged in. Which wasn’t exactly easy being an outside so no one can tamper with it. It started working again but only for a short time. So I had to reset again and again and again. It would not read the code or connect any which other options I tried. Offline offline offline… Then I plugged it into an Ethernet which wasn’t easy either and now it’s online according to my wifi app but I have absolutely no access to it on its app…offline…like wtf and it wont reset being hardwired. I have completely lost my patience for this thing and spent way to much time figuring it out and put my inside back in it’s place