Alert function on Iphone not working properly

The last two days when a notification shows and I tap on it the phone shows the source camera information page (camera name, time and ‘motion detected’ report BUT when I tap on that to view the video nothing happens. This is on all 5 of my cameras.

Is this happening on android or iOS? I have just checked my iOS and that appears to be working fine.

My advice in lieu of more information would be to delete and reinstall the app.

Alternatively if you are using the Yi home try Kami home and vice a versa

Thanks for looking.

It is an iOS Iphone and I did delete and re-install the app (the screen showing camera versions makes it hard to tell which 1080P app to use but I guessed right the 2nd time).

Things are better in that regard. Now if only I could get rid of that annoying Kami tech support bubble.

p,s,: why would I install a Kami app for a Yi camera ?

I think the kami blue button is a new feature. It appears on the websites too I believe it gets through to a chat system.

Yi and kami same company. I believe Kami was more introduced for United States and Europe region. My guess it sounds better to people in that region and less Chinese sounding.

The apps and cameras are interchangeable.

Well, it’s annoying. There’s little enough space on these small phones for things to be touched without adding another less-than-useful button (I tried using it and all it does it offer a bunch of barely useful links to non-relatable solutions).

Frankly, since I don’t use the ‘cloud’ for anything I would be happy if that button could be removed also.

I think it will build and develop over time and my expectation would be that users can find information quicker for themselves more naturally for them.

That said, these days it seems that if something does not work first time there is little interest in trying to make it work.

The chat also opens up a knowledge base where you can search articles about questions that may come up when using your cameras or the app. It will be helpful. And, helpful feedback in terms of bubble placement.

Kami is the top shelf brand of our smart camera offering between Kami and Yi Tech. Both Kami can work with both the Kami & Yi Home App. Same goes for Yi Camera’s.

Sometimes, you can try the other app and it will work. But, let’s ask a few questions.

What’s the power source for the camera?

How close is the router to the camera?

Is this running on 2.4 or 5ghz?

And, also always not a bad idea to comb through your settings recording length, alert frequency and smart detection just in case.

As I noted, the issue was resolved by deleting and reloading the app on my iPhone.

The placement of the Kami bubble (and eliminating the cloud button) are simply things that would made my screen less cluttered. KISS - Keep it simple Steven :slight_smile:

edit: I also reset ALL 5 cameras and once I got the 1080P home camera (first one on the home camera list) selected the issue was solved. I am not sure if both caused the problem of whether at some time I may have reloaded the cameras with the wrong 1080P program.

Hey @Calhoun KISS is the only way to keep sanity in tact!

Sorry to say but after a couple of hours my camera alert functions are borked again. I have a post in the Home 1080P firmware thread - so far no luck getting things fixed.

Hey @Calhoun Thanks for the update. And, I’m sorry to hear that the notifications are off track again.

You are running iOS. But, what model iPhone do you have?

I am going to check with my team here and get back to you tomorrow with some more info.