ADS in Kami Home & Yi Home, is this true?

Are you kidding me with these ADS in Kami Home and Yi Home app (Android). Seriously, what is this? Everytime I open app there come some arabic tiktok ads. Google Play does not even tell that there is some ads. Is there a way to get these away without purchase cloud subscription?


We are sorry for the trouble. We would like to offer you an exclusive discount on our ad-free subscription.
By subscribing to our premium plan, you can enjoy uninterrupted access to all the features of our app without any ads. Please contact us at so we can further assist you.

Noticed the same. I don’t want a subscription, because I use sd cards… Please give us an option to remove the ads without subscription.


To Yi Home and Kami Home developers, bosses and shareholders,

I really hope you guys consider removing your advertisements for users who don’t use your subscription. It really is not safe having advertisements in cctv softwares which is suppose to provide immediate response when we wanna access the application for emergencies.etc

Furthermore, isn’t it enough making money from selling your physical products? You wanna be even greedier with subscriptions and on top of that, advertisements now? Come on guys! get your act together. It defeats the purpose of trying to provide “safety” for the people.

Thank you.


It’s very annoying
If you want to give ads please give free cloud subscription too

When I want to access cctv, I want it fast and instant.
Because it’s emergency.
I don’t want wasting my time watch advertising

Please remove the ads


That’s completely unacceptable! I have an active subscription plan, and added my wife’s account to see the same cameras.
Even if I have an active plan, she still has to watch these annoying ads.
What will happen when I stop paying for plan? Will I begin to see those ads?

No way. If this happens, I’ll certainly switch all those cameras and throw them into trash can!


Same canned answer every time this concern about ads is raised.

This goes without saying that Yi Technology does not listen or care about customer complaints.

The cloud subscription does not work on all customer’s use-case.

In our end, we are using a prepaid internet wifi. That means our internet usage is limited. If we subscribe to yi cloud, our allocated and limited internet data will be gone in just a few hours because the camera will use up all our data (uploading).


These ads are indeed ridiculous. After an update on my iPhone I suddenly got these ads. They are unskippable animated ads with sound! The entire camera security system is no longer discreet. I bougth my Kami cameras purely for SD-card recording and I don’t want to use a cloud service which cost a lot of bandwidth and I don’t want my footage uploaded to the Internet. Currently I’m looking for another brand Outdoor camera that can record on MicroSD-cards. The Kami Outdoor cameras will be thrown away and I will never buy a product from Yi or Kami again.


I am using iOS, a lot of times, I can’t even load the app properly, the screen just freeze most of the time. This happened to both Yi Home and Kami app. I do receive the alerts but cannot view anything because both apps just don’t load properly or the ads just pop up to delay the entire viewing process. Of course, there is another Yi Life app that doesn’t come with Ads but it also doesn’t support Critical Alerts for delivering alerts in real-time, so most of the time the alerts are not being received at all. This is NOT acceptable for a security product app. Yi has been started to do stupid things to bring down their own reputation and I am looking to switch to other product brands. Regretted to recommend this product brand to many friends, they might have cursing me right now. Sorry to say after using Yi cameras for 7 years, this has turned into a scam for profits that forces all buyers to pay subscription to their cloud plan. Dodgy company.


I am replacing these cameras with a different brand because I hate your greedy and ridiculously annoying ads.


I too will be replacing my cameras with a product that doesn’t show ads with sound as soon as I start the app. So ridiculous.


Yeah this is just ridiculous. I suddenly start getting these stupid ads as soon as I start the app. Not only that, if I’m listening to music on my phone, the app hijacks the audio to play the audio for the stupid ad. I will be replacing all of these cameras with a different product.


And what about the UNWANTED ads throught push up notifications? It is impossible to disable them or you will disable the security alert too ( general option in the notification list). I will never buy your unuseful CLOUD SERVICE so stop sending ads about that. I use the Sd card!


Yi is now very bad. force clients to accept unnecessary service and advertisement. very bad company

will talk mr poor experience of YI to every person who is going to purchase security camera.
It is a long time clients complained but Yi never improved only get worse. broadcast advs and clients don’t have control

How stupid company like this!

This is a very stupid decision of Yi to put ads in the app. I have 6 Yi cameras and I will stop buying any more Yi cameras and start replacing all my Yi cameras.

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Hi There,

When I bought the cams there was no information about requirements for subscriptions to use the product and I am pretty sure that in combination with the ads is not legal in EU. So if you plan to exist as a company with good security and a reliable app, remove the ads and start carry for app and cam security. If not all cams would be flashed with custom firmware and you will lose all.

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As quickly as the ads appeared, they disappeared. Kami/Yi has apparently been listening to their customers, to their credit. I’ll hold off on my decision to get rid of the cameras. But please don’t do this again!

I am still getting pop-up adverts with annoying music for ‘Temu’ on opening the app today…