Add PIN code to your camera view for extra security!

Hello YI & Kami Community,

We’d like to remind you of a PIN feature for enhanced security on your camera feed!
In order to prevent anyone to view your camera’s live feed on your account, you can easily set up a PIN code. A different PIN code can be set for each camera if you’d like.

Here is how to do it :point_down:

Navigate to your camera settings

Navigate to PIN Protection section

Enter PIN and Confirm

In order to view the camera feed, a PIN will be required.

We hope you’ll find this helpful! Please share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments.

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Is this going to affect if I ask Alexa or google to show the live stream of the cams on their devices?

Hi @ascernas, unfortunately yes, Alexa can’t access the feed if it’s protected by PIN.

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Alright! I was expecting that answer but wanted to confirm with you guys.

Thank you!

Could you explain more …deep about PIN protection. What can block and what cannot block? where is saved? Can you read pin?