Add PIN code to your camera view for extra security!

Hello YI & Kami Community,

We’d like to remind you of a PIN feature for enhanced security on your camera feed!
In order to prevent anyone to view your camera’s live feed on your account, you can easily set up a PIN code. A different PIN code can be set for each camera if you’d like.

Here is how to do it :point_down:

Navigate to your camera settings

Navigate to PIN Protection section

Enter PIN and Confirm

In order to view the camera feed, a PIN will be required.

We hope you’ll find this helpful! Please share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments.

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Is this going to affect if I ask Alexa or google to show the live stream of the cams on their devices?

Hi @ascernas, unfortunately yes, Alexa can’t access the feed if it’s protected by PIN.

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Alright! I was expecting that answer but wanted to confirm with you guys.

Thank you!