6 seconds for detection doesn't work


A couple of weeks ago I bought the YI 1080p. When it detected some kind of movement i recieved the notification but i couldn’t see the 6s video, it says something like that “get kami cloud to see the videos - update to start recording on the cloud - learn more” if I press learn more it goes to kami clould and says try it free. So i did an account and did the 7 free days then it started working and showking the 6s video, but after the 7 days i’m in the same position than before and have the same text.

How could i watch the 6s videos?

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Hi @oriol i have the same problem and i still wait here: 6 seconds not avaiable

Did you subscribe to Kami Cloud after the free trial?

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Is it not possible to have the old alerts without photos? You have transferred all the intelligent part to the cloud (what a great fantasy!). It would be enough to send an alert every time you see a face or a human being, not six seconds that you have to store, with obvious costs on your clouds. It is obvious that if you do an analysis on the cloud you can also detect the number of pigeons that pass before dinner.

Hi @Steven_Kami

How should I do that? I have an account and i did the free trial but I don’t see the option to do anything less besides paying for a subscription

Great suggestion @Lawrence123456 ! We are considering something pretty similar to what you’ve described. As we move forward, we optimizing and making improvements. Keep the suggestions coming :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. We all know that six seconds per alert on your cloud is a significant expense for you. You used it to publicise your cloud service and it was a very good initiative. But a simple alert as it used to be is enough. 1- human presence detected 2- human face detected-please connect to your cam’s memory for details. You also have to consider that recording on your cloud six seconds and viewing even with the camera turned off is a big problem for privacy, as you are forced to keep everything in memory on your servers, even in those cases, i.e. 90%, where no authority cares about the data of that specific camera.

so no solution to not seeing the 6s videos?

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Hey @oriol When did you create your account with us?

about october 15th more or less

As part of our continual improvement to user experience, certain features may move around to simplify the usage.

For New Users who created their YI Account on September 1, 2021, the 6s alert videos are no longer available on the free plan.

For Existing Users can still view the 6s alert videos on the free plan.

Please let us know if this answers your questions or if there is anything else we can help you with.

@Steven_Kami So, this explain everything. Thanks

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Yeah. That’s a shit answer. Get fucked dude.