6 seconds not avaiable

Hello everybody, i’m new here! I’ve a problem with my recording videos. When my cameras found a new event (sound, person detection etc…) i can’t see the 6 seconds video! I’ve finished my premium period… but i wanna see my free 6 seconds for video daily! The problem is present in iphone, ipad, android etc… (for both cameras).

and Good Job with Yi Home camera! I love them.

Hello. Is this for new motion events or previous events? If it’s for past events I believe once a cloud subscription expires the data with it is deleted.

@Steven_Kami will know more and confirm.

New event. For both cameras. In particularly, i can see the videos just with my account (old account, free). But i can’t see the video on my main account! :sweat_smile:

Firstly I’d check that the cameras have the motion alerting set up in settings. If that looks fine in smart detection try turning one off leave off for a minute then try again

i’ve update my previous post… anyway i just try this tips. I restarted too (all process, from registration camera in account)! Still not working

So you can still access the previous six seconds alerts then? But not the newer ones have I understood this correctly ?

nope. Sorry, my english it’s not very good. Anyway.
Account N1 --> (My old account) i can see new motion detection e video (daily)
Account N
2 --> Main account (where i register the camera, the newest) i can see just the notifications. No videos

I share the camera from Account N2 with Account N1.
Also, from my pc (app mac os) i can see videos from both account!

Ok so you use two accounts. One is fine the other the six seconds is not shown.

One for @Steven_Kami to look into further I think

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Really thanks. Here a simple schema (maybe can help) (in particularly i have more cameras and more share accounts) anyway this is the easiest schema.

I found an old version of Yi Home (4.8) e Kami on internet (app android). They work perfectly. I think the problem is the new version. Anyway, i wait for a response from @Steven_Kami. Thanks

i see the reviews on play store(android) and app store (ios)…a lot of people have this problem with latest version


Thanks for the awesome schema for a detailed understanding of what’s going on. Much appreciated :slight_smile:
Hmm that is definitely interesting. Let me have the team here test and do some further digging. I appreciate all the info and will definitely help point our team in the right direction.

I’ll be in touch with more info.

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Hey @_Giuseppe Just checking in. I wanted to recommend pairing your new cameras all to your old account instead of having two accounts, shared with each other. If possible, can you try this?

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Hey Steven, i’ve tried and nothing. Seems the problem is for new account when reproduce motion detection videos. (i’ve tried also with different new accounts, different devices and different platform). They work just with old mobile versions (yi home ad kami). Still work from all accounts from PC