6 second playback not working


My parents have recently created an account for their camera however when they now attempt to view the 6 second playback of any motion detection, it isn’t allowing them to viewing and is pushing them to sign up for a cloud description.

The app is fully up to date and there are no connectivity problems.

Please could someone provide some assistance as to why they cannot view their free 6 seconds of playback, or some protection solutions?

Many thanks!


What camera(s) are they using and are they using recording to an SD card to purely using the six seconds cloud functionality?

Did it ever work?


Thank you for your reply.

They are using a single Kami mini camera.

They aren’t using an SD card, just the 6 second playback. It had been working fine for months however one of them got logged out and had to create a new account and reconnect the camera and since then it just prompts them to sign up to the subscription rather than use the free playback

Ok I would be tempted to try to get the old account back. I’m not aware of any amendments to the free sicsecond offerings. There is a forgot password option

I’ll loop in @Steven_Kami who may have some other ideas.

IIRC there was a Company policy change that 6 second video clips were made unavailable to subscriptions after September0 or so to free subscribers. SD Card has higher resolution (6 second clips were 640x360) and should be considered regardless if you want a subscription or not in case of network outage.

Recently the Yi-IoT android app had a change on 20th May that allows viewing of Yi camera’s as well as Yi-IoT ones although some functionality such as pan and tilt (PTZ) might not be available however it does support multiview and 6 second clips for Yi cameras registered after the cut off time, at least that’s what I’ve seen for my own camera’s.