1080p wired outdoor camera no longer recognizes or accepts WiFi password

I have installed several wired Yi outdoor 1080p WiFi security cameras during the past 3 years. One recently lost connection to its WiFi router and, unlike the other units, would not reconnect after unplugging and plugging in the router and camera. The blue light appeared and just blinked.

Next, I removed the SD card and tried the unplug and re-plug approach again – to no avail.

So, I reset the camera. I reached “Waiting to Connect” and “QR Code Successful”, but eventually received an error message to the effect of “incorrect WiFi password.”

User error, I thought. But it wasn’t. I have now tried this on four different 2.4 GhZ WiFi networks at my disposal and been scrupulous about typing in the passwords, with the same resulting error message. I even changed the password of one of the networks to 1234, just to be sure. Same error.

Has anyone had a similar experience and, if so, were you able to find a workaround? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hey @patfinegan Thanks for coming to the community forum for more info. I am sorry to hear you’re having issues after a reset.

Can you give this short video a watch and see if this helps:

Let me know how it goes.

Thank you, Steven, but none of the problems identified by the video seems to the culprit.

    1. The password was entered correctly.
    1. My phone is attached to the correct 2.4 GhZ WiFi network.
    1. Android Settings > Privacy > Permission Manager > Location > Kami Home is set to Allowed Only While in Use. The only other option in Android is Deny. There is no option available for Kami Home in Android for Allowed All the Time.

hmm, that is definitely strange. What version of the Kami Home app are you using? Have you tried downloading the Yi Home app and logging in with your Kami credentials? Try to connect the camera though Yi Home app

Version 3.5.1_20220224050 of the Kami Home app. I uninstalled Yi Home app and replaced it with the Kami Home app after Yi rebranded its online storage contracts. At your suggestion, I will revert to the Yi Home app and give it a try, but I am skeptical.

I have seven wired outdoor 1080p Yi cameras at the same property with the same WiFi and password, but only one chose to go offline and blink blue regardless of what I do. I strongly suspect there is something physically wrong with that unit which is, sadly, just 11 months old.

What troubles me most is that five of the seven outdoor cameras are exposed to the elements. i.e., actually outside, but this unit was not. It was at the end of an unheated interior corridor. There was no exposure to rain, snow, lightning, falling branches or grazing wildlife. Also, it is closer than any of the other units to the WiFi router.

I will reinstall the Yi Home app and report back.

Let us know @patfinegan If they are only 11 months old, we can replace them under warranty. Contact our support team at www.kamihome.com/contact

Thank you, Steven. Sorry for not responding earlier; I was tied up with taxes.

I installed the Yi Home Camera Android App (instead of Kami Home) and received the same “Password Error” upon pairing the defective Yi wired outdoor 1080p camera.

I will reach out to the Kami/Yi support team about the warranty.

The Contact Support form at www.kamihome.com/contact does not work! I tried to submit it with the Brave browser first. Upon clicking submit, the form disappears for a moment then reappears – unsubmitted. The same occurs on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. What browser do I need to install to submit the Contact Support form?

oh no! That’s frustrating. email support@kamihome.com