1080P Dome camera just shows a blue blinking light and app shows it as disconnected

My 1080P dome camera just shows a fast blue blinking light. Reset and pulling the memory card had no effect.

Is the camera dead?

We are sorry for the issue you are facing. Can you share some more details of the issue with our support team at https://www.kamihome.com/contact so that we can help you better.

Have you power your router down/up?
Make sure you can connect to your 2.4ghz channel with your cellphone.
Your Dome camera will want to connect to the 2.4ghz channel.
How far away is your Dome camera from your router?
Which router are you using and the number of devices connected to the router?
Installed security software on the router?

If all else fails I’d reset the Dome camera, rescan the bar code and install it as a new device

Good luck!! :four_leaf_clover: