1080 Camera Completes Setup, but can't connect

I have a 1080p indoor camera that stopped connecting through the app. I reset the camera, and went through setup successfully (Reset successful, Welcome waiting to connect, QR Code scan successful, Wifi Connected, Pairing successful, and name the camera). Then in the app it says connecting and gets stuck at 25% and then gives “Network unavailable, please check your network settings.(-3003)”. The light on the camera is slowly pulsing blue. Is there any hope of getting this back up and running? TIA

Hello @longet117 Thanks for coming to the forum for more information on your set up. This error code is usually associated with network or router issues.

Please see this help article in regards to error code 3003 and how to resolve it.

Many thanks for your time and patience.

Thanks for the reply. What I find strange about this is, it never connects beyond 25% on the video, but if I go into the settings I can turn the status light on and off. I also have tried it on different networks and get the same results. When I try to put the firmware from the website (2.1.1_20171024151200home) on an SD card it doesn’t seem to update, but the app says the camera is on the latest firmware (

Are you on your wifi or mobile network ?

I’ve tried on both, Camera on home wifi with phone on home wifi and mobile and then Camera on mobile Hotspot with phone on wifi and mobile. Every time I can turn the status light on/off, but the video errors out.

When did you purchase this camera? Is it new or an older camera that stopped working?