Yi surveillance camera

Does it need the same wifi connection as your viewing device/phone possibly? If so, this product is useless because most people don’t use the same connection on the go as do they in-home.
Does anyone know if you have to be on the same connection on your viewing device as you do on your camera?

It’s not useless then as you can view via mobile data or another wifi than the one your YI camera is connected. You have to be connected to the same wifi to set it up but this is a security feature so again not determining the product useless, in my opinion.

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I know one member here has 16 cameras on his property in Iran and he views them from his home in the UK. I’m pretty sure they’re on different WIFI networks

I have cameras in 3 different locations with 4 different wifi networks

Or he has great WiFi coverage ha ha :wink:

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Thanks so much everyone!