YI Smart Security Camera Alerts to second phone

I’ve just got a “YI Smart Security Camera, 1080p Wifi Home Indoor Camera with AI Human detection” and it’s working well.

My wife and I both have android phones. I have the main account and have shared the camera to my wife.

If my wife uses her own YI account or uses mine, she doesn’t get audible notifications. She can open the app and see notifications, but she doesn’t get an alert on her phone.

Any ideas?


@gsw5700 I apologize for this matter. In order to receive audible notifications on your Android phone, you need to first enable sound notifications on the phone app settings. From the phone apps screen, click on Settings. Search for notifications. Make sure notifications are enabled from the lock screen. Search for the YI Home app. Make sure Sound is enabled and set to High or Urgent. In the YI Home app home screen, as the main user who is sharing the camera, click on Discover > Share Setting> Click on the person you are sharing the camera with>enable “Permission to view history” and “Receive messages”. The shared user will receive audible notifications on their phone.