YI Outdoor Wired camera Issues since update

Prior to the latest firmware upgrade, our outdoor wired cameras would record to the SD card even with Detection was turned off. This was a good feature. Now, after the recent update, they are not doing this anymore. Is there a way to get that feature back?

Also, the cameras don’t seem to be detecting motion as well as they used to? any ideas on why this would be? nothing has changed except for the update.

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If the SD card won’t record, please try the following steps to fix the issue:

    1. Extract/Reinsert the SD card from the camera, please make sure the camera is unplugged.

    1. Format the SD card using a PC/Laptop, please make sure to backup the existing recordings, if any.

    1. Use a different or brand-new SD card.

Please reach out to our customer support email if you still experience the issue so our customer support can help you out: support@yitechnology.com

You have the same problems as me since the update, can no longer access SD card, and now the camera will not pick up any alerts.