Yi outdoor versions

I have a few YI outdoor cameras. Up to now they differ from the kami in a few areas, one being on SD card playback there is no variable speed playback which is really reallybl useful when I’m looking to find something

I recently installed cameras for a friend they got the YI outdoor cameras in America… these YI outdoor cameras have the variables speed playback.

Is this a software thing that has yet to be rolled out or a updated version of the camera?

Would really like it on all Yi outdoor cameras

Hey @Brian Great question! Let me ask you a few questions…

How old are your camera models?
What is your phone model & operating system version?

Many thanks for your patience and time! I look forward to learning more about your setup.

The Yi outdoor cameras range from 2 years old right up to 3 months old.

This most recent set came in a “family twin pack” box which I have not seen before. Ie. 2 in one box

I’ve seem on Amazon reference being made to “New 2021 version” and wondering if this was actually the case

I’m using a few different phones. It doesn’t appear to have any difference on phone model.

Most used is Samsung Galaxy S20FE

Can you narrow down to whether it’s the newer cameras or the older models?

After an update, some older camera models with new phone operating systems have seem to had this small bug. And, newer camera models with current operating systems have not seen this.

We are working with our engineering team to figure this out and release an update.

I will find out more info and keep you posted.

Many thanks. Hope you’re having a good one, Brian.

Hi Steven. How do I identify what is an older and what is a new model. They (Yi outdoor )all look the same

Hey Brian - great question. The DID # can help us identify when the camera was manufactured.

In the settings for each camera, there is a menu selection “camera name”, click on this option and you’ll be see ID:XXXXXXXX.

Send me the numbers of the cameras in question and we can figure out when they were manufactured.

Send thr DID information in private just to be totally cautious.


good call - thanks for that.


Hello. Based on the ID the dates of manufacture are

10th Oct 2019
16th Jan 2019
16th Jan 2019
13th Nov 2018
16th May 2018
16th May 2018
8th Nov 2019
8th August 2919
19th March 2020
10th Oct 2019
10th Oct 2019
8th Nov 2019

Hi Brian
I have the two pack version of the YI Outdoor Security Cameras.
The information I’ve read to the best of my knowledge they are a Generation 2 camera.
Variable speed on playback and the SD storage has been increased from 32gb to 64gb.

I’m waiting for a couple larger capacity micro SD memory cards just to see if they will handle an even larger capacity than 64gb.
Because I like to tinker😁

Stay tuned!

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Hey @Brian were able to check to see if the cameras that have been not working properly are older models? Many thanks for your assistance.

All the ones listed above are old versions

I think it’s more to do with what @Swiftrun mentioned that they’re a second generation.

It’s a pity. I really like the variable speed feature

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Hey Brian
Just curious, is the firmware in your cameras up to date?
Which app are you using, YI or Kami?

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Yes. Firmware appears up to date.

I use both Yi and Kami apps for different locations


Hey Brian
Your new twin set package of YI Outdoor Security Cameras, are you able to use the speed control function on them?
Memory cards installed in all your cameras?

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Yeah. That’s why I noticed the difference because that was only available before on the Kami outdoor, not the Yi but these ones came from the US and I noticed straight away they had this function

It’s a really useful feature when you’re looking for something through hours of footage


My son has Kami cameras and a YI
I know he has the ability to change speed when looking back at the history.
I’ll have to ask him to check the dates on the cameras.
I know the Kami are older than the YI

Stay tuned


@Brian Give the app an update and see if this resolves the issue for you. The team has just recently released an update to address this.

If it doesn’t know let me know


Both apps…kami and YI are up to date