YI outdoor camera - Smart detection turned off and person detection

Hi @Steven_Kami - yesterday I noticed few issues and today I just installed the 5.3 so checking if these got addressed there as no details available on bug fixes

    smart detection got again turned off yesterday on my Yi outdoor cameras without my intervention

    even when turning sensitivity level to low on my Yi outdoor cameras (3 of them but the most recent ones are the most sensitive whether I was expecting more accuracy), any small light, is triggering an alert so during night it’s useless as front lights from cars passing by keeps on triggering an alert for nothing

    when turning on person detected on my Yi outdoor it seems it ONLY considers person for triggering alert and not anything else (i.e. cars, animals, …) whether I was expecting that it would still catch those but highlight when it identifies a person just to focus attention

thanks for looking at these

Hey @NetMs Thanks for checking in. I shared this with our app team for feedback.

  1. Are you using home or away mode at all? If you use away mode, this will turn off smart detections. Check your settings for me. Has your smart detections stayed on sense turning them back on?
  2. This could be related to firmware. Can you check to see if your firmware is up to date?
  3. This is something we are aware of and working to improve. Next release will be able to distinguish and alert between a person detected vs any other motion.

    Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it. Helps us improve

Hi @Steven_Kami thanks for your acknowledgment -

on 1 I use away and home mode but these specific camera are ticked off so that smart detection doesn’t get impacted by the switch so it’s not the root cause

On 2 yes it’s the latest firmware and in fact it’s worst than old camera on old firmware as the new cameras with latest firmware are super sensitive even in low sensitivity mode so it should be something else

Thanks for the feedback @NetMs I am having our team do some internally testing to see if we can recreate the issue. I will update you when I know more.

Thanks for you for your patience. Any other information you can provide would be helpful. If a camera is NOT added to your home/away mode list, it should not turn off Smart Detections when you switch from away to home for the camera NOT added to the list.