YI Outdoor Camera Hardware

I am in need of a metal plate the connects the camera to the wall. Where can I buy one?

Hello, can you confirm did you just received the camera? Does the metal plate didn’t come in the box?

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It wasn’t recently purchased. It came with the plate, but it has been damaged during a relocation. How do I obtain another?

Hi, just awaiting an answer.
Thank you

I don’t want to answer for the Yi technical support as they might be able to do something. But I’ve seen other threads of a similar nature to yourself and it’s been advised that there are no spares.

Some have given the advice that the fitting is generic and as such you may be able to identify a generic brand from a place like Amazon.

Perhaps what Yi could do for you is supply you the overall dimensions for the part that is damaged. @Steven_Kami any ideas?

Did you find a plate yet? If not I have one still seal that was sent to me I can mail it to you if you want

I have not. That would help greatly. How should I sent my address?