Yi Outdoor Camera 1080p stuck in "Waiting to connect" loop

One of my cameras model YHS.3020 stopped working so I reset it and tried to reconnect, but it does not set up successfully. Orange light starts blinking, it’ scans QR code, then says “Connecting to WiFi”, blue light flashes a couple of times but then camera restarts, and starts from the beginning - “Waiting to connect”… I have reset it multiple times and it does say “Reset successful”, but after scanning QR code and attempting to connect to WiFi, restarts again no matter what and I hear “Waiting to connect” again. I tried different power supplies, different wireless networks, but nothing helps. I was unable to find and download firmware anywhere on the internet. The other Outdoor Camera works fine on the same WiFi. Please help, thanks.

Hello @Dangis! Welcome to the community!
At this point, since you already mentioned you already tried using a different power adapter, I would suggest contacting the support team for further assistance. You can send them an email at Support@yitechnology.com.

I had the same problem tried 2 iPads for over two hours no luck tried using a phone worked within two minutes hope this helps