YI Outdoor 1080P PTZ Camera china errorI

Hello. I got a camera delivered.
I ordered the correct plug. I have proof of that. but china plug. I thought solution eu plug 230v to 12volt is my solution. camera will start up. so I solved the power supply.

unfortunately firmware China, not EU. 15 days. officially bought. via ali express, delivered for my holiday. installed after vacation. turns out to be China version. language Chinese. no problem because I know the installation procedure. have 7 pc other yi cameras working. and i can translation with sound phone translate, installation goes well, until waiting time 1-2 minutes. final stage installation. fail after 10 minutes. 20x reset. tried. also with cabling. internet light blinking okay. also last phase fail.
15 days report complaint time passed with sales platform.
(because of my vacation…) no contact possible.

direct contact with chinese seller, message sent 20 times. turns out his online shop is empty, no more products… no contact possible.

Never experienced this, I have bought cameras via platform for years.

solution; I would like to receive Eu or usa ? software for the camera. can you send it. see photos proof, my camera. Please Please.
Thank you !!


Apologies for any difficulties you experienced with the setup. We’d be happy to take a look into this for you, please contact us at https://www.kamihome.com/contact.

Thank you.