YI Home version 5.5.9 Cannot start om IOS 15.6

Hi. After upgrading to yi Home v 5.5.9 I can’t start the app. It tries to start but close right away.
I even upgraded the iOS to 15.6.1 but still no go.

Hello, the software team released a new update for the YI Home/Kami App to fix the app crashing issue you have been experiencing. Try downloading the latest version of the app. This is now fixed.

@Alvin_Kami none of the three apps working for my wife who I share cameras too. She’s reinstalled all 3 apps today to ensure latest versions but not working.

After upgrading to the new release it works for me.

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Can you tell us what’s happening when you’re trying to open the app? Does it still crash or are you facing a different issue?